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Are you a young professional working in one of our thematic areas or an early career scientist?

HMRC has a pool of young professionals who get opportunity to work in innovative and challenging projects based on their expertise. Join the force of youth and add diversity to your career!

Our services

Assessment and Design Solutions

Creating scalable and sustainable solutions according to the end-user need and ecosystem through a multidisciplinary team. We learn from our projects and adapt new technologies to design sustainable solutions to benefit wider communities.

Research and Development

We engage in research to better understand a problem and to enrich knowledge. We take one step further to translate the research into application for the benefit of the communities, not leaving the outcomes in the "Valley of Death"

ICT Based Solutions

Shaping your concepts in customized sustainable solutions and support scaling of project leveraging ICT based on your needs. We promote use of open source software and platforms wherever feasible.

Training and Outreach

Organizing training and outreach programs aiming capacity building and technology transfer to a diverse audience, from communities to development workers, risk & resource managers, planners, administrators and policymakers.

Latest projects

Enhancing Numerical Weather Prediction Capabilities at BRRI

This ongoing project is working on the automation of numerical weather prediction system and application of WRF model in agromet advisory generation and dissemination for rice varieties at Bangladesh Rice Research Institute. The forecast products are used by various experts at BRRI Crop Modeling and Agromet Laboratory in advisory generation for rice cultivation.

Piloting Mobile Application for Flood Inundation Forecasting and Mapping

The project piloted a mobile application 'Liquid Earth' in Jamalpur, Bangladesh which provides inundation forecasting based on satellite data and GIS application. The community demonstrated prospective potential of value added forecasts. Implemented in collaboration with University of Washington during 2015-17 funded by USAID DIV

Community Led End-to-End Early Warning System Project

The project facilitated the expansion of localized flood early flood forecasting and innovative dissemination (e.g. through community radios) capacitated the local stakeholders in warning interpretation. Implemented in collaboration with Islamic Relief Bangladesh during 2016, funded by European Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations under Enhancing Inclusive Disaster Resilience in Bangladesh (EIRDB)

Developement and integration of tidal discharge measurement software at BWDB

Measuring tidal discharge using ISO standard was a very lengthy process for Bangladesh Water Development Board's processing and flood forecasting unit. In this project we worked with BWDB professional to make this process systematic through development of necessary software and integrating them into their existing system.

Research on GoB investment in Disaster Risk Reduction

The project gathered data from stakeholders involved in hydrometeorological disaster management and analyzed Government of Bangladesh's investment in flood control and erosion management initiatives for reducing risk from flood and river erosion. The project was implemented in collaboration with Dhaka Community Hospital Trust during 2018

Study on Promoting Trans-Border Early Warning System in South Asia - Practices, Challenges and Prospects

This study tried to explore different types of good practices, and areas for further actions in order to make trans-border Early Warning System more effective for meeting the needs to address the growing impacts of disasters in the South-Asia. Implemented in collaboration with Practical Action Consulting South-Asia during 2016

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Case Studies: Mobile Application for Flood Inundation Forecasting

A pilot project was implemented in collaboration with University of Washington supported by USAID  Development Innovation Venture (DIV) stage-1

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Application of Mobile Services in Flood Early Warning

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